What We Fund

BRIDGE | STRETCH CAPITAL - where short-term funding can help you "bridge the gap" while you are in the startup phases of a project and not ready for traditional bank funding. These type of facilities are typically collateralized by hard-assets such as land, building, and/or equipment. Funding ranges from $100,000 minimum with a maximum of closer to $100,000,000.
EQUIPMENT FINANCING - where you secure a facility for either new or used heavy equipment or machinery and the equipment is the primary source of collateral. Funding terms are usually between 3 - 7 years in length. Funding limits we will consider are $50,000 - $500,000,000.
GROWTH CAPITAL - where you may need a short-term loan for operational costs, i.e. hiring new employees, working capital, equipment, and other. These types of facilities will usually be collateralized and range in terms of 2 - 10 years. We will consider reviewing requests as low as $50,000.
ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE FINANCING - where you use your Receivables to secure a working line of revolving credit. We will consider reviewing requests at a minimum of $100,000. If approved you may be eligible for up to 90% of your current receivables.
PURCHASE ORDER FINANCING - where you are needing to fund upfront costs of raw materials to fulfill an order for a contract. We can often use the Purchase Order and underwrite your credit risk of your Invoiced Customer to secure the facility. We will consider Purchase Order Finance facilities as low as $200,000.
CONTRACT FINANCE - where you have secured a contract and are able to use your contract to collateralize the facility. Typically, these are either large Construction projects or Government Contracts. We will consider Contract Financing as low as $100,000.