About Us

Crestbridge Capital

Based in San Antonio, Texas, we have been helping businesses nationwide with growth capital needs since 2006.

Over the years, we been blessed to help many businesses get the financing to fund all types of different projects, purchase or lease new/used equipment, and set up revolving lines of credit.

Nothing is worse than starting a project and ending up with an "unfinished bridge".

"Unfinished bridges" lead to no where and can end the life of a business.

We use BRIDGE FINANCING or STRETCH FINANCE instruments to make sure you get to
cross-over and get to the finish line.

Our best referral partners are banks and credit unions!

About Our Founder:​​​​​​​

Mark Tapp, our Founder, worked with a Fortune 50 company as VP Sales & Marketing until 2005. At his roots, he has always been an entrepreneur and most intrigued by helping small to medium businesses find better ways to profit and grow.

His passion for people, particularly family business owners, is the driving force behind his consultative approach to finance.

He has been able to forge strong business relationship to bank, credit unions, and private money sources.

When you work with Mark, you get a plan!

 MARK TAPP, Founder   Today, Mark still lives in San Antonio, TX with his wife, Lisa and family where they own several small businesses.